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Welcome to In the Gap!

In the Gap! is a fantastic new resource for introducing creative activities into KS1 and KS2 music lessons. It is a collection of original songs focusing on accessible improvisation and composition activities – teachers and students will love it!!


Read the fantastic new review of In the Gap! by Primary Music Specialist, Finn Ross. Finn used Vamenos Amigos with her year 5 ukulele class. They had a really good time! Read Finn’s review here.

In the Gap! is a collection of seven original songs for vocal and instrumental use with concert and Bb transpositions. It includes clear and concise ideas, notated examples and three backing tracks per song for demonstration and performance. In the Gap! can be used in individual, group and whole class ensemble teaching. KS1 and KS2 children will love the fun songs, colourful characters and creative challenges – introduce some improvisation into your music lessons today with this lovely book and CD!

Inner illustration of the book from song "Call the birds"Sample page from inside the book showing teaching ideas

In the Gap! is designed to make improvisation possible for all teachers and all students. The activities are clear and structured and support is given in the guidance notes. Primary Music Specialist, Finn Ros says:

“I have to admit, I was pretty nervous about the idea of getting 30 lively 9-10 year olds to improvise, but they absolutely loved it! I found the planning clear and helpful…The song was immediately popular and the performance track got them dancing; always a good sign…We were able to have an in-depth conversation about improvising”

Have a go at adding some improvisation into your music lessons!

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